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Consistency Is…Hard

“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.” – William Feather Being consistent at anything is hard. Finding the right balance in life, including your health, can be even harder. So what does it take to see progress? Why do some people give up on all the steps […]

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Building the Foundation

Of what I consider the key elements of a healthy, sustainable, physically active lifestyle, building a foundation is undoubtedly number one. The many benefits of building (and maintaining) a solid base include:

  • promoting and strengthening body symmetry and alignment
  • dramatic improvements in balance and coordination
  • injury prevention
  • exercise adherence and retention

If you stop reading here, this is the takeaway: you will be more willing to continue exercise and living a healthy lifestyle if you are relatively pain-free, feel stronger and well balanced, can move with ease regardless of age, and avoid injury. All of this is possible — and everyone is capable of this— through building a sound foundational base.

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