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Unlimiting Your Limits

What We Do

As an exercise physiologist, as well as a trainer, I take a somewhat non-traditional, creative approach to physical activity.

Key to success at my job is to teach each client how to constantly improve, learn and grow, so they understand not only what they’re doing, but also why they’re doing it.

The most fundamental thing to be learned is the ability to better control one’s body – achieved by gaining the knowledge, and awareness, to be able to do so.

I define body control as the ability to use your body in the most efficient way possible at all times, while being balanced, symmetrical and fluid – giving you the ability to always perform, and function, at your best, regardless of what you’re doing. And body control is just as important for the 85-year-old great-grandmother as it is for the world-class athlete.

The creative part of our approach is in how we achieve total body control, as we focus on a combination of four key elements:

  • Balance
  • Cardiovascular
  • Strength and Endurance
  • Range of Motion

These four key elements are the basis of everything we train and teach, and are ABSOLUTELY measurable; providing the data necessary to understand EXACTLY where your areas of focus and improvement need to be…what you need to work on to achieve true body control.

Each person’s measure of these key elements is different from everyone else, and certainly no one is a “10/10” in all of them. In fact, each individual will have variances themselves, even on a day-to-day basis. But in order to consistently perform at your best, there needs to be a formulated approach that provides a good combination of each. Most parts of the health and fitness fields focus on just one or two components. For example, the diet plan that allows one to lose weight, but does nothing to improve strength or endurance; or the resistance program that results in big muscles, yet ignores balance and flexibility; or the immediate treatment of high blood pressure, with no focus on the root cause. True body control is achieved from building, and maintaining, a strong foundation that addresses ALL the key elements.

Supporting the five key elements are two other critically important things: Nutrition and Consistency. You’ll never be your best if you don’t fuel your body well, and you won’t make progress if you’re not consistent in your efforts.

You’ve probably heard the term “yo-yo” diet – on again, off again. This also applies to numerous health and fitness initiatives, where someone is training “all-out” for a period of time, but is unable to sustain that intensity. Then they do something again at that incredible level. Then…down…again.


If you’re gonna work your butt off to get results, and then fall back to where you started, and you then repeat the process over and over…what’s the point? Something’s not working.


What I try to teach my clients is that it’s better to have a steadily rising and sustainable increase, avoiding the “yo-yo.” The goal is to achieve true sustainability, as opposed to these crazy fluctuations. And THE way to achieve this is to have a clear strategy; to mix it up – keep things interesting and fun, but with a purpose; to actually enjoy physical activity; and to consistently seek, and expect, the results and improvements that I guarantee you’ll see by doing so.

No matter if you’re an athlete training for a specific purpose, or an individual trying to reduce and minimize health risks associated with aging and poor lifestyle habits, achieving body control will undoubtedly give you the potential to always perform at your best, moving in the most efficient and optimal ways.

I can cite dozens of real-world examples of the effectiveness of body control: the grandma being able to walk up and down the stairs without being winded, or the guy who’s on his feet all day and still feels strong because he has great endurance and posture, or the athlete who rarely gets hurt because she or he is moving properly and efficiently.

Learning and attaining body control provides a solid foundation for the duration of your life, ultimately improving its quality and opening up a world of previously unimagined opportunities.

In essence, Unlimiting your Limits.

That’s what I train and teach.



Footnote: Special thanks to my client and friend, Kathy, who’s proven that retirement is only the beginning if you’ve got the right mindset, are willing to work to improve, and crave knowledge and new adventures. (She’s also got a really great sense of humor.)

2 thoughts on “Unlimiting Your Limits

  1. Yes, Austin you have helped me “unlimit my limits”! Throughout my years, I’ve really hated exercise and tried many different types, but the impact working with you has had on me is astonishing. With your knowledge and inspiration, plus a fun personality and great workout environment, I can now say I truly enjoy movement. You really have made me know that I am stronger than I ever thought…thank you!

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